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Welcome Welcome to Powell Gardens, Kansas City's botanical garden!   view.image?id=2502  view.image?id=2501    150
Membership Your 100% tax deductible annual membership supports the continued operations of Powell Gardens and entitles you to some fantastic perks. Members receive free general admission, invitations to exclusive events, discounts on classes and ticketed events, and more! Join today.   view.image?id=2276 view.image?id=2275   125
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Culinary Wassail! Tickets are now available for Powell Gardens' Wassailing Celebration and Feast on Saturday, January 14, 2017! 
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Gardening Resources Save the date: On Dec. 6, Horticulture Director Alan Branhagen will discuss his latest book, Native Plants of the Midwest, at the Kansas City Public Library's Plaza Branch. The lecture, which is free to attend, is part of our Native Plant School series. 
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Fall Lecture Series: Dr. Peter Raven, a leading botanist and conservation advocate and president emeritus of Missouri Botanical Garden, presents Saving Plants, Saving Ourselves on Nov. 1 at the Kansas City Public Library Plaza Branch. RSVP for this free event. 

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Culinary Adventure Take a culinary adventure in the Heartland Harvest Garden—the nation's largest edible landscape. Learn more. view.image?id=2259 view.image?id=2258 family,friend,seniors,kids,gardening,nature,current attractions,culinary adventure   
Gardening Resources Get some inspiration for a fabulous fall garden during the Fall Flower Fair conservatory exhibit, open through Nov. 13.   view.image?id=2426 view.image?id=2425 family,friend,seniors,gardening,nature  
Education Join us in Kansas City for two inspiring lectures—Dr. Peter Raven, president emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden, on Nov. 1 and Alan Branhagen, horticulture director at Powell Gardens, on Dec. 6. Learn more about the Gardens' Kansas City Fall Lecture Series view.image?id=2455 view.image?id=2453 gardening,nature,seniors,friend,education,classes   100
Shopping Shop Powell Gardens' FreshMade Fair on Sunday, Nov. 13. More than 15 local farmers, cooks, artists and crafters will join us for our first handmade goods market. Don't miss it!  view.image?id=2449 view.image?id=2448 family,friend,seniors,gardening,nature,shopping  
Gardening Resources Planning a foodscape or looking for interesting edibles to add to your garden? Find inspiration in the Heartland Harvest Garden, the nation's largest edible landscape.   view.image?Id=2413 view.image?Id=2412 family,currentattractions,friends,seniors,gardening,nature  
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Kids Club Kids with a love for nature and spending time outdoors will love Powell Gardens' Kids' Club! The group meets once a month spring through fall. Learn more view.image?id=753 view.image?id=772 kids  
Field Trips general Field trips to Powell Gardens use all five senses engage students in lessons they'll long remember. Learn more view.image?id=764 view.image?id=763 fieldtrip,kids  
Garden Growers Field Trips Garden Grower programs at Powell Gardens engage students in grades 2-4 in a three-hour plant science field trip. Students become gardeners in Fun Foods Farm, learning to bring food from seed to plate. Learn more view.image?id=946 view.image?id=945 fieldtrip  
Seed Starter Field Trips Seed Starter field trips offer hands-on learning, from exploring pond life to insects. Learn more view.image?id=1785 view.image?id=1009 fieldtrip  
Garden Nature Classes Learn about some of the best trees for your landscape during our Native Plant School class taught by Alan Branhagen: Midwestern Native Shade and Evergreen Trees on Sat. Nov. 5.
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BotanicalArtsClasses Stretch your creative muscles by signing up for a class in the botanical arts. You'll find everything from a bulb workshop to basket making. Learn more view.image?id=2439 view.image?id=2438 takingclasses,gardening,seniors,friend  
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What's in Bloom Come see the colorful fall blooms throughout the gardens! Learn more view.image?id=2504 view.image?id=2503 what'sinbloom,nature,gardening  100
Nature overview Powell Gardens is a haven for birds, butterflies, frogs and wildflowers. Come explore the "wild side" of the Gardens today. Learn more  view.image?id=2301  view.image?id=2300 nature,wellness,family,seniors  
Nature Trail Have you hiked the Byron Shutz Nature Trail? You'll find a great diversity of flora and fauna and get great exercise, too. Learn more view.image?id=771 view.image?id=877 nature,wellness,family  
Home of HHG Powell Gardens is home of the Heartland Harvest Garden, the nation's largest edible landscape. Come taste the experience today! Learn more view.image?id=1447 view.image?id=1447 gardening,family  
Jobs Powell Gardens is hiring! We have three positions that will begin Jan. 2, 2017: Director of Education, Outreach and Interpretation; Director of Advancement and Communications; and Manager of Marketing and Sales. Learn more. view.image?id=2446 view.image?id=2445 gardening,wellness,education,jobs  100
Visiting with Kids Powell Gardens is a GREAT place to enjoy with children from toddlers to teens. You'll find plenty of space to roam and natural treasures to discover along the way. Plan your visit view.image?id=825 view.image?id=824 kids  
Birthday Parties Fun Foods Farm in the Heartland Harvest Garden is a wonderful place to celebrate your child's birthday. Let us do the work so you can celebrate! Learn more view.image?id=928 view.image?id=927 birthdayparty  
Weddings Powell Gardens has spectacular spaces for a picture-perfect garden wedding. Explore your options—from the rose-accented Vineyard to the soaring Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel—here view.image?Id=830 view.image?Id=829 wedding,romance  
GardeningResources Ever wish you could tap into the expertise of Powell Gardens' horticulture experts? Check out the many ways you can pick up great gardening tips on your next visit. Learn more view.image?Id=2227 view.image?Id=2226 gardening  
Ceremony sites A perfect place for your perfect day! The Marjorie Allen Powell Chapel is one of three beautiful ceremony sites available for weddings in the Gardens. Learn more view.image?Id=1699 view.image?Id=1699 wedding  
Reception sites Celebrate your wedding in style at Powell Gardens. Reception spaces range from the elegant Grand Hall to the rustic but contemporary Missouri Barn. Learn more view.image?Id=1876 view.image?Id=923 wedding  
Group Tours Powell Gardens welcomes groups of all sizes with tour packages to suit a variety of interests, from architecture to gardening with edibles. Learn more view.image?Id=826 view.image?Id=827 group,grouptours,tour  
Conifer Collection Did you know that Powell Gardens has nationally recognized collections of conifers and magnolias? Learn more about the Gardens' plant collections.   view.image?Id=2387 view.image?Id=2386 gardening,seniors,group,nature  
Volunteering Learn something new, meet friends, have fun and make a difference by volunteering at Powell Gardens. We have lots of ways to get involved. Learn more view.image?Id=1879 view.image?Id=1877 seniors,gardening,friend  
Meetings Does your organization need a getaway that's not TOO far away? Consider planning your next meeting or retreat at Powell Gardens, an inspirational setting that can spark creativity. Learn more view.image?Id=934 view.image?Id=933 meeting  
Architecture Combined with its botanical beauty, the public buildings at Powell Gardens generate a visual and inspirational experience not easily forgotten. From a soaring chapel to a sprawling visitor center, the buildings pay homage to our Midwestern landscape. Learn more view.image?Id=916 view.image?Id=915 architecture,meeting  
VEC The 18,000-square-foot Visitor Education Center is home to a glass-topped conservatory, Café Thyme, Perennial Gifts and classroom and meeting spaces. Learn more view.image?Id=919 view.image?Id=920 architecture,meeting  
Meadow Pavilion The Meadow Pavilion is one of several Powell Gardens' structures by Jones & Jennings Architects. Its angled ends create a moving shadow. Learn more view.image?Id=1872 view.image?Id=917 architecture